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Hi, my name is Felix - from Fasting For Fitness / FFFHealth. If you don’t know me personally or don't follow me already then you won’t know that for the last 10 years, I've been on a Health & Fitness and Diet & Nutrition fact-finding mission. That mission was to create a best-in-class, simple-to-use and most of all - easy-to-follow, practical application of a Personalised, Diet, Nutrition and Supplementation Plan that would work for the vast majority of people - regardless of age, sex, fitness level or any other physical attributes.

And most importantly - a plan that people can stick to week after week, month after month and year after year. Just to be clear, we're specifically talking about Diet, Nutrition and Supplementation here (not exercise, workouts or training schedules - I have a separate project for that coming later this year!).  I've basically been my own human Guinea Pig for the last 10 years -  learning about, trying and logging the results of tons of different fasting regimes, diet plans, food groups, ingredients, macro and micronutrients, and supplements...and I tell you what, I’ve only gone and cracked it!

FFFPlan 3.0

FFFPlan 3.0

What is the FFF Plan?

Unlock your path to peak health with FFFPlan 3.0. Tailored to fit your lifestyle - my program blends daily fasting, personalized low-carb meals, and premium supplements for optimal wellness. With expert guidance, weekly check-ins, and continuous improvements, achieve your health goals effortlessly. Welcome to a new era of wellness with FFFPlan 3.0.

FFFPlan 3.0

What you'll get

FFFPlan 3.0
A Daily Fasting Time Plan

Individually suited to your Work Schedule, Homelife, Exercise Regime and Social Life. If this will be the first time you are doing daily Intermittent Fasting / Time-Restricted Eating, don't worry, the plan will be based on slowly getting you up to speed. Those that already use some type of fasting protocol, you're already on the way!

FFFPlan 3.0
A Personalised Low-Carb Diet Plan

With a custom built list of Ingredients to buy, Recipes to cook, Dishes to make, Meals to put together and Snacks to...well, snack on! Tweaked and adjusted every six weeks until we find the perfect individual meals and foods for you.

FFFPlan 3.0
Personalised Daily Supplements

Delivered to your door every 2 months with clear instructions on when and how to take them and what they do. FYI, these are not your run of the mill, Superdrug or Holland & Barrett supplements. We're talking high quality, British, French, German or Swiss manufactured, Methylated B vitamins, EPA & DHA, Methylfolate, specific Fasting Electrolytes, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Sulforaphane, Full-Spectrum Probiotics - to name but a few (you'll receive 12-16 separate daily supplements) optimised for bioavailability to make and keep you firing on all cylinders, give you a sharper mind, healthier joints, a longer, happier and healthier life and a bullet-proof immune system, as well as helping you shrug off the daily stresses of life and letting you smash through workouts like you were 10 years younger!

365 day-a-year access to me and a wealth of knowledge, hacks, tricks and tips, as well as any questions you have answered

15min Personal Weekly Video Check-In

Tweaks, changes and improvements every two or four months

24/7 Access to your Personal FFFPlan 3.0 Data

FFFPlan 3.0

The Benefits

It's worth noting that the benefits of FFFPlan 3.0 are all backed up by the scientific data and the positive benefits I have experienced myself after over three years on FFFPlan 3.0 are backed up by my own personal data.

Some of the main benefits people on FFFPlan 3.0 (including myself!) have reported back as experiencing are listed below.

  • Slowing down the signs of ageing
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing stress
  • Improved muscle building
  • Improved muscle-mass retention
  • Better short-term memory
  • Improved and faster brain function
  • More consistent energy
  • Feeling great - all day
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Less injuries in general
  • Improved immune system health
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved recovery after exercise or illness
  • Waking up feeling completely rested
  • Improved hangovers after alcohol consumption
  • Improved Blood Work results

  • Normalised Blood Pressure
FFFPlan 3.0

How does it work?

You will be sent a link to the FFFPlan 3.0 Initial Application Form - this will take less than 5mins to fill-in. Based on your own specific and individual answers - I will build your Personalised FFFPlan 3.0 - This will take 14 days i.e you send the form Friday, you'll have your Personalised FFFPlan 3.0 two Friday's later

Your Personalised FFFPlan 3.0 will include an Initial Shopping List and Meal Suggestions for Eating-in and Eating-out so you can get started straight away!

Your 60-day supply of Personalised FFFPlan 3.0 Supplements (12-16 initial daily supplements - based on your Initial Application Form answers) will arrive up to 7 days after that

You will have already received the Supplements List of what to take and when to take it (as well as what each of the initial 12-16 daily supplements actually do) with your FFFPlan 3.0 from the previous week

You will start the Daily Fasting Plan when you receive your Supplements

One week after starting your Fasting and Supplement Plan it will be time for our first Weekly 15min Video Call. I'll answer any questions you have but this is mainly for me to get an idea of how FFFPlan 3.0 is working for you so far. We will have one of these calls every week

FFF Plan Image 3

6 weeks later you will fill-in another form (FFFPlan 3.0 Month-2 Form) - this updated data will be used to tweak, refine and improve your FFFPlan 3.0 and will give us a clear indication of how FFFPlan 3.0 is working for you individually after 6 weeks of real-world experience

You will have secure access to your FFFPlan Data so you can easily see where you're at on your FFFPlan Journey.

14 days after filling in the 6-Week Form you will receive your next, tweaked and improved 60-day FFFPlan 3.0 (inc. your next 60-Day supply of Supplements)

Once again, 6 weeks later we will repeat the above process - you will fill in another online form (FFFPlan 3.0 Month-4 Form). We will check the data to see where improvements can be made. You'll receive your tweaked and improved FFFPlan 3.0 and your next 60-day supply of supplements (Don't forget, we'll still be having our weekly video catch-up.)

This will take you to the '6 Months on FFFPlan 3.0' milestone!

At that point you'll fill in your 4th FFFPlan Online Form just as before but we will move to an Every-3-Months format - i.e. you complete the form every three months and we see where you're at and adjust accordingly. Every three months you will receive new recipes, meal ideas, FFFfriendly restaurant reviews, encouragement to join in on our group 48hr and 72hr fasts, updates on the latest science within the fasting and health & fitness space, new supplements to try, easy home workout routines and loads more!


FFFPlan 3.0

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FFFPlan 3.0

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